Mavado & Bounty Killer UPDATE  I just got off the phone with the promoter ‘Webba” who filled me in on what really prevented the two headliner to not show.  Mavado had an issue with his Visa based on a old gun charge that was DISMISSED!

This is yet another example of old issues coming back to haunt you.  We are supposed to be free to carry on with our lives once we do our time and/or pay our fine but “Babylon system is a vampire” and it’s always coming after your pockets or ability to make a living.

I was also told that Bounty Killer’s issues were more complex.  It seems he was banned in Miami recently due to the Gay’s populations protesting and now officials don’t want him her in Atlanta performing.  Bounty Killer’s lawyers are on the case though.  Good Luck! ‘Freedom of Speech’ is what is supposed to make this country so great… I can’t wait to see the outcome of this one.  Bounty Killer has been banned in Guyana out right. And has had issues in Germany and some parts of

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