Caribbean Fashion Flavah

Spotted at Tabou Combo & Krezi Concert

Gold shoes at Tabou Combo


This sophisticated woman demonstrated a style all her own at the Tabou Combo concert June 21, 2008.  Her green baby doll dress complemented her legs and her gold shoes were the perfect contrasting accent to this outfit.  It’s great to see women dress to flatter their assets without baring it all. 

My only complaint was that she and her friend decided to wear outfits that were so similar.



They should have flipped a coin. They could have drew straws but one of them should have taken the ‘high road’ and put together another outfit.  Both outfits are cute but the twin look is not a good one after a certain age.

One thought on “Caribbean Fashion Flavah

  1. The lovelies in the pictures (the “twins”) are HOT!! I can’t imagine any dude turning them away on a fashion faux pas..In fact, them having similar outfits makes them a set; and we know not to break up a set *wink*

    Great site, IngaO!!

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