Roots & Culture Reggae Forever 2008

Reggae Coalition Band

Last Saturday night I attended a Reggae show that was phenomenal! The show is called Roots & Culture Reggae Forever 2008.  It was held at Sugar Hill at the Underground here in Atlanta. The band that performed last, called Reggae Coalition Band is definitely one to watch.  They do private functions and you can check them out at

They have a smooth sound and definitely moved the crowd.  They covered a lot of popular songs with their own flair that made me a believer.  I look forward to hearing them again in the near future, and from what my sources tell me, they will be performing at next month’s Roots & Culture Reggae Forever  which will be a 2nd Saturday of every month affair.  Despite the Undergrounds Security (which I’ll share in a later post) I will be going back for more. I am hooked.

One thought on “Roots & Culture Reggae Forever 2008

  1. Nice review Inga. Your right the Roots and Culture Forever show was great. Link I so I will be able to forward the Dance Hall combination I did with Anthony B. Looking forward reasoning reggae music with I. Keep up the good work!
    OneLove Peace Justice -n- Equal Rights,

    Ruban BlackFire

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