Travel Host Refers to B*tches While Describing Dancehall Music

 According to, Bourdain referred to women as “b***ches” when describing dancehall music in the Jamaican-themed episode of the show. Bourdain makes the following statement in a narration as he and his crew head to a street performance in Kingston:

“There’s no rootsy, laid back Rasta vibe,” Bourdain narrates. “This ain’t about standing up for your rights or praising Jah or anything like that. Like Reggaetón, its mutant cousin, dancehall is the hardcore beat behind lyrics concerning, for the most part: acquiring possessions, getting respect on the street, beating down perceived enemies and enjoying the physical charms of varied, if not multitudinous, b***ches.”

 As a HUGE reggae fan from long time, and a woman I have to say I have never heard the word “B*tch” used but “Sketel” could easily replace it. I think dancehall does not want its dirty laundry aired in public and to have an outsider do it on TV makes it sting all the more.  Come to your own conclusion. I’ve included a link below so you can read the entire article and I found the video footage for you to see and hear for yourself.

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