3rd Annual Jerk Festival & Family Fun Day

3rd Annual Jerk Festival

3rd Annual Jerk Festival

If you’re from Jamaica; love Jamaican food or just returned from Holiday and want to pretend you are still there, this festival is for you!

If you attend please take photos and send me a brief write up of your experiences at this years 3rd Annual Jerk Festival and Family Fun Day.

~Was it fun for you?
~What would have made it a
   better experience?
~What do you think was missing
   in the days events?








Send Comments to comments@ingao.com
See you there!





 For more information http://www.atlantajerkfestival.com/

See the Festivals Commercial




















Celebrity Caribbean Lineage: Estelle

I want to introduce you to a talented young songstress who was born ‘across the pond’ in England but whose roots run much farther south. Estelle released her second album this year and from the samples I’ve heard, you will be pleased. See her album cover below.  



Born into a strictly religious Senagalese/Granadan family where she was the second of eight children, Estelle learned early about responsibility for self and family, as well as how to escape life’s daily pressures through music. Though her mother had banned secular music in the house, young Estelle was exposed to African music and gospel (as well as her West Indian stepfather’s roots reggae and dub) via an impressive homemade sound system.

Estelle confides that,

My mom is African, but I still have my West Indian roots. She would make African food and listen to African music, but we still had rice and peas and reggae. So I’m able to adapt. I’ve spent the last five years of my life traveling, so my viewpoint is wider than the average rapper or singer.

To Listen to a few songs off her second album Shine check out the following link, make sure to listen to my favorite track No Substitute Love     http://www.estellemusic.com/music/player.php

For more about this talented young lady go to her official website  http://www.estellemusic.com/

Caribbean Travel Deals & Steals!

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  • $286 Grand Cayman Island
  • $328 Curaco
  • $389 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • $410 Bermuda
  • $411 Monterrey, Mexico
  • $446 Barbados
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  • I’M BACK!!!!!

    First of all I must apologize for the month long absence. Please forgive me but I had a much deserved break in Miami with my female cousins.  This was definately a “female bonding” trip but we have family who lives there as well who showed us how the Trini’s roll. We stayed at the Avalon Hotel in the Art-Deco Section on Ocean Drive right across the street from the beach. The hotel is not 5 star but what it lacks in amenities it more than makes up for in charm. The staff is sweet and helpful and they really try to get to know your name.  The complementary breakfast is good too.

    I would stay there again but just keep in mind that your water pressure will be low and the rooms are small.   

    At Night

    Avalon Hotel At Night

     I will fill you in on my two week long vacation that made me fall in love with Miami’s vibe. Ca’nival is October and it may see back for Mas’!

    (Tutorial: Mas’ stands for masquerade, which is what you “play” but the Ca’nival is Carnival which is what you attend)