I’M BACK!!!!!

First of all I must apologize for the month long absence. Please forgive me but I had a much deserved break in Miami with my female cousins.  This was definately a “female bonding” trip but we have family who lives there as well who showed us how the Trini’s roll. We stayed at the Avalon Hotel in the Art-Deco Section on Ocean Drive right across the street from the beach. The hotel is not 5 star but what it lacks in amenities it more than makes up for in charm. The staff is sweet and helpful and they really try to get to know your name.  The complementary breakfast is good too.

I would stay there again but just keep in mind that your water pressure will be low and the rooms are small.   

At Night

Avalon Hotel At Night

 I will fill you in on my two week long vacation that made me fall in love with Miami’s vibe. Ca’nival is October and it may see back for Mas’!

(Tutorial: Mas’ stands for masquerade, which is what you “play” but the Ca’nival is Carnival which is what you attend)

One thought on “I’M BACK!!!!!

  1. Hello Ingao, I dont beleive we have had the pleasure of meeting. I noticed your article of the Solf Opening at Take Two last mont, that was well written, and I thank you for mentioning me as the featured Artist.
    We will be doing an additional Grand Opening at Take Two, now known as the International Bristro, on Friday September 19th .Please imform people. It will not be a Solf Opening, It will be a Blast!! The music I perform is a mix of mellow/ traditional jazz , Billy Holiday & Nancy Wilson stye, with a back drop of some spicy classics and R& B. Songs that stir your heart like Bet cha By Golly Wow,(Sylistics) Lets Stay Together, (Al Green)Get Here,(Oleta ) A House Isnot A Home.(Luther).
    Its sure to be a , funfilled exciting night ! Iam acompanied by some of Atlantas finest muscians! The venue is beautiful, comfortable, even if your hanging solo,, the food is good and the drinks are made to order. Come on out and be prepared to have a good time. Show starts at 9pm, no cover. Remember life is to short to miss the Good Stuff!! Pantheah Hawes.

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