2008 TALLAFESTA: Costumes Still Available

I have the Carnival Bug- do you? I guess it’s because my little cousin is bringing a section for Miami Carnival this year and I so want to be a part of it! She told me that she sold out! She has 55 participants this year and I am sure it will be a sunning section. (Scroll down to see her costumes and sign up if you want to play mas in Miami)

If you want to runaway and play mas, (see the definition in a previous post if you don’t know what I’m talking about) head to Florida for Tallahassee’s International festival, it’s fast approaching! From what I see they have 4 sections and although the Blue and Green sections are sold out the Purple and Red are still available.

The cost is between $65-$85 and I really like the purple costume but judge for yourself below.

To sign up http://www.tallafesta.com/costumeapp.pdf

For more info http://www.tallafesta.com/


Purple Costume

Purple Costume

Red Costume

Red Costume

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