Celebrity Caribbean Lineage: Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell was born May 22, 1970,  in Streatham London, England to Valerie Campbell (born Morris) of Jamaica. Naomi never met her father at her mother’s request as he left the then 18 yr old and Naomi at 2 months old.


Naomi’s first public appearance was in February 1978 when she was cast as on of the children in Bob Marley’s video for “Is This Love?” (First one below- can you spot her?)

She also appeared in Culture Club’s “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya” (Second one below- check at 0.47 sec and 1.28 sec to see if you can pick her out) as a tap dancer and also on The Cosby Show as Theo’s love interest Julia.



Here are pictures of her vacationing with her Billionaire Boyfriend Vladislav Doronin on his yacht off St-Tropez.

Coast of St-Tropez

Coast of St-Tropez

Naomi & Vladislav

Naomi & Vladislav


Naomi & Vladislav

Naomi & Vladislav


R & R On His Yacht

R & R On His Yacht

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