Book Signing: Don’t Quit! Reverse It

The Lov’n It Live restaurant

2796 East Point St.

East Point, Ga. 30344

Call 404-765-9220 for directions

Today at The Lov’n It Live restaurant between 4pm and 6pm you can get your autographed copy of this inspiring self help book,

“Don’t Quit! Reverse It! How To Mentally Undo The Habit of Smoking Cigarettes”

If you or someone you know feels trapped in the inner battle of wanting to quit but not feeling strong enough, then this book is for you! This is what the author has to say about his book:

My book introduces a guaranteed monkey-wrench into this scheme, it shares with the reader 3 simple steps to take that will cause the mind to REVERSE the urge to smoke cigarettes, and this is done without the use of drugs and has a permanent effect. Please share this.

Let’s support  Rodney Piggott AKA Rudwaan Amen_Ra Lumumba Trinidad’s fine export, and Atlanta resident who has dedicated his life to helping people achieve their goals, dreams and success! Please let him know you found him here!

Good Health and much success you!

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