Yoga For The New Year?

December often has us thinking of all the great things we will accomplish in the New Year ahead.  Images of a healthier, more toned body dance in our heads and January usually has us sticking to the new workout goal.


However, if you just can’t seem to “make it” to the gym, or these unseasonably cold Georgia winters are turning you off from your scheduled long walk around the neighbourhood, have you ever thought about trying Yoga? is my favorite site. You get a full uninterrupted hour long class on your computer.


I remember the first time I tried yoga along with a DVD 8 years ago. What a mess! I didn’t know if I was coming or going because it went so fast. With you can choose the level you are most comfortable with and they always recommend that you “honor your breathing over the position.”


You can watch a new class everyday or scroll through the archives for something more to your liking.  I recommend that you start with the Beginner classes even if you have done Yoga before, as they break down the poses to ensure you are doing them correctly.  The beginner classes are a great workout!




Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Hindu Temple of Atlanta

If you prefer the company of live people I encourage you to attend Yoga at the Hindu Temple onHwy 85, Riverdale GA 30274with Dr. Sudhanva Char.  Dr. Char has a passion of health that can not be beat! His goal is to help all people relieve physical ailments using yoga practices. The classes are held on Sundays from 10:45am-12pm and are FREE!


Just bring your yoga mat and be prepared to remove your shoes outside the Temple.


Let Dr. Char know you heard about the class on Inga O.


Hope to see you there!

Job Posting You May Be Interested In


If you are feeling the pinch economically during this New Year you may be interested in the following job posting that was sent to me.



Happy New Year,


Me’Lange, one of Atlanta’s HOTTEST Upscale Bistro Lounge, in the DeKalb area (I-285 & Lavista Rd) is searching for Atlanta’s most professional, attractive and talented staff to work with.


Me’Lange, an exciting gathering place for family and friends, offering great food and a plush atmosphere with state of the art sounds and lighting!
Our venue, under NEW Management, is a unique and fast growing company that relies on the absolute best people to deliver on our promise of memorable services and excellent food experiences. 
What we are looking for:
Integrity, a strong guest focus, a passion for maintaining high standards and a burning desire to be part of something great.


We have the following employment opportunities available:


Bus Boys
Bar Backs
If you are interested in any of these positions, please call  our GM @ 770.492.3850 for a scheduled interview.


Thank You for your interest!


Me’Lange Upscale Bistro Lounge


P.S. Visit our website and view our weekly events and daily specials.



Some may feel the service industry lacks certain appeal but let me challenge you to step outside the box. If we believe that there are opportunities all around us we will see them!


I shared last week that I would be attending my first EVER meeting of The Atlanta French Meetup Group, and I did! Was I nervous? You bet! First I had to brush off my French that has been neatly tucked away in the back corner of mind. Secondly, I went alone. I knew that the organizer expected about 100 people and I figured I would find someone I could speak to, and you know what? I did!


All that to say, this job opportunity might just be the opportunity you need to try something new! You never know where it may lead you!



Congratulations to the New First Family!

Congratulations to the New First Family of the United States of America! Many people all over the world are celebrating as I type this, many hailing from the Caribbean.  Whether or not President Obama delivers on his promises during his term, I urge you all to use him as a poster child for all YOU can accomplish! Your greatest strenghts remain in you. Not in a President who happens to look like you. I applaud all you are about to accomplish this year.


Happy New Year! Happy New You!



2009 is already proving to be a ‘magical’ year for me, and I look forward to all that’s in store. It seems that everyone is full of hope, energy and focus on good things to come.  Let me remind you to use this positive energy and momentum to accomplish that ‘thing’ you’ve always been putting off.  For me it has been writing- clearly LOL!

OK I will admit there are a few things that I’ve been putting off like doing my hair myself. I have a fear of handling it because of the old tape in my head telling me that I can’t do it as well as a hairdresser, well this year I will learn! I will keep trying and not care what others think.  (see my attempt below) Me Naturally

I  will also attend a meeting of the French language club that I’ve been meaning to attend for a year. It  is The Atlanta French Meetup Group and you are welcomed to join me too if this is one of your goals; contact me for more! 

Finally I intend to abolish fear! Fear can stand in the way of our greatest accomplishments. Fear can paralyze us. I will not let fear stop me from living as largely as I can dream! Will you do the same?