Happy New Year! Happy New You!



2009 is already proving to be a ‘magical’ year for me, and I look forward to all that’s in store. It seems that everyone is full of hope, energy and focus on good things to come.  Let me remind you to use this positive energy and momentum to accomplish that ‘thing’ you’ve always been putting off.  For me it has been writing- clearly LOL!

OK I will admit there are a few things that I’ve been putting off like doing my hair myself. I have a fear of handling it because of the old tape in my head telling me that I can’t do it as well as a hairdresser, well this year I will learn! I will keep trying and not care what others think.  (see my attempt below) Me Naturally

I  will also attend a meeting of the French language club that I’ve been meaning to attend for a year. It  is The Atlanta French Meetup Group and you are welcomed to join me too if this is one of your goals; contact me for more! 

Finally I intend to abolish fear! Fear can stand in the way of our greatest accomplishments. Fear can paralyze us. I will not let fear stop me from living as largely as I can dream! Will you do the same?

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