For all of you living in Atlanta you know that last night poured and was a great day to stay indoors! I must admit I got caught in the down pour because I went to the gym and had great 3 hour workout! I attend the Facility in Tucker but must admit that if I was not using a pass, (I lucked out and signed up for the Body Challenge last year and they sent me a months pass this year as well) I would work out at home which is what I really prefer.  However, since I have the pass I figure I may as well use it. I love yoga and usually go to the Hindu Temple on Sundays see link or at home with


 Well, I have been attending Dr. Lewis’ Yoga classes on Mondays and now Fridays and she is the truth! Dr. Lewis seems to be in her 50’s but her body is AMAZING! She did an inversion (stood on her head, see picture below) and accomplished what I can only hope to one day. If you want to try it out check out this link:



She has a couple of DVD’s, one geared for maximum weight loss and another specifically for seniors. I will post the Titles when I get them.


In the mean time you can always try out a 7 day pass by using the link below. I recommend starting on a Sunday or Monday so you can experience her class on Monday at 10:30am and Friday at 11:30am. As always, hope to see you there!

Does This Offend You?

Bob Marley is loved world wide for his messages of love for mankind.  Some would say he was a man before his time. Today, many are touting President Obama as a man for the people whose time has finally come.


Well, it seems both Bob Marley and President Barack Obama have more in common than people know. Yes, they are both biracial. Yes they both have a way with words and apparently they both seem to view Ganja as the ‘Healing of the Nation’.


My question is this. Does this change your view of “Your President?”









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A White Outfit Tribute for Marc Stewart

Everyone was asked to please wear white in honor of Marc’s last All White Affair today at his funeral service.   I created this outfit as a tribute to Marc Stewart AKA Marc Fashion.  Gone too soon from this earth but will live on in our hearts!




(for more information on where to buy click on the image)

2009 KFC Commercial

I was in the chat room last night on which is, to me, the most fun and most hype chat room EVER! So I alwaystry to attend on Wednesday nights. You should too my log in name is “” of course!

Anyway, I was in the room and the DJ, the Stanman, shared how a new 2009 KFC Carnival commercial  featuring Iwer George and Ziggy Rankin has a corn ‘wuking up’ at the 0:29 second mark. (look on the bottom right of the screen)

I just have to wonder, will they try to ban that too?

Check out the commercial. I think it’s cute!

About the Commercial:

Prestige Holdings Limited
KFC 2009 Carnival TVC Featuring Iwer George and Ziggy Rankin
Agency: Collier Morrison Belgrave
Account Executive: Antron Forte
Written by Tracy Hutchings
Produced and Directed by Indra Ramcharan
Shot and Edited by Cinepost/Cinevideo
Animation by Allan
Drawings by Maro Morrison and Darren Cheewah

Dinner & Presentation at Potz and Panz Restaurant

I received this information from a few sources and think that it will be well worth it! Enjoy all you can eat AND learn about one of my favorite topics, the 3 R’s, REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE! 


WHAT: What Does it Mean to Go Green? 

an interactive presentation to demystify green living and global warming and help you make green choices that honor your personal values.  


WHEN: Monday, Feb 23rd at 6:30pm

Dinner at Potz and Panz Gourmet Café in North Dekalb Mall for $7 – all you can eat. The presentation runs from 7pm-8:15pm as part of their Monday evening series, Night of Illumination. 

WHAT THE GUEST SPEAKER SAYS: The food is delicious; the chef is known for making deliciously seasoned vegetables with no meat.  And there’s only a hair’s difference between their peach cobbler and This Is It (This is It wins by a hair). I’ve requested that they serve peach cobbler the night of my presentation!

There is no fee for the presentation; we only ask that you partake of the buffet. 

Thanks in advance for your interest and your support.

Antoinette Nue

The Green Living Goddess

“Go green your way.  I insist.”