New Mother of 8 in Hidding

Someone has stooped so low as to threaten the life of Nadya Suleman, the Southern California woman who gave birth to 8 children the other day (with six already at home). Now she and her children are in hiding.


Does she not have the right to have as many children as she wants? As so many Caribbean descendants can attest to it was not so long ago that great-grandma, grandma or auntie gave birth to ten plus children; granted not all at the same time.


Our ancestors made due and she will have to as well.  I may not think its wise from a health standpoint or financial either but she should be free to choose the life she wants to live.


My great aunt gave birth to nineteen children (all of whom did not survive birth) and I have had many conversations with her on how her body aches and has irreversible damage because of it. I am in awe of her living to tell her story. Nadya Suleman has the right to tell her story as well.    


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