Marc Stewart’s Death: The Community Mourns

Here is a comment that I thought was so beautifully worded.  Atlanta and the Caribbean Community are truly stunned to have lost one of it’s kindest men so young. Here is what Tami wrote (slightly edited for clarity):


I’m so hurt by the death of Marc. He was a loving, caring & giving human being I ever met. Always smiling & so polite. I am lucky to have met & know him. He will be deeply missed. To his wife, daughter, family & closest friends; I send my deepest condolences. If there’s anything I can do for the family please do not hesitate to ask.

There is nothing i can do,
to make him come back
There are no words I can say,
that can replace he words you long to hear

There are no answer’s I can give,
that will satisfy your questions
There is not another soul I can introduce you to that will ever replace his
And, there is no love I can offer that will ever replace the love you shared

I can not promise your broken heart will ever be complete
I will not say it could have been worse
I will not deny it was a tragedy
I will not lie and tell you he will come back

He never really left

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