Dinner & Presentation at Potz and Panz Restaurant

I received this information from a few sources and think that it will be well worth it! Enjoy all you can eat AND learn about one of my favorite topics, the 3 R’s, REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE! 


WHAT: What Does it Mean to Go Green? 

an interactive presentation to demystify green living and global warming and help you make green choices that honor your personal values.  


WHEN: Monday, Feb 23rd at 6:30pm

Dinner at Potz and Panz Gourmet Café in North Dekalb Mall for $7 – all you can eat. The presentation runs from 7pm-8:15pm as part of their Monday evening series, Night of Illumination. 

WHAT THE GUEST SPEAKER SAYS: The food is delicious; the chef is known for making deliciously seasoned vegetables with no meat.  And there’s only a hair’s difference between their peach cobbler and This Is It (This is It wins by a hair). I’ve requested that they serve peach cobbler the night of my presentation!

There is no fee for the presentation; we only ask that you partake of the buffet. 

Thanks in advance for your interest and your support.

Antoinette Nue

The Green Living Goddess

“Go green your way.  I insist.”





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