2009 KFC Commercial

I was in the chat room last night on www.largeradio.com which is, to me, the most fun and most hype chat room EVER! So I alwaystry to attend on Wednesday nights. You should too my log in name is “IngaO.com” of course!

Anyway, I was in the room and the DJ, the Stanman, shared how a new 2009 KFC Carnival commercial  featuring Iwer George and Ziggy Rankin has a corn ‘wuking up’ at the 0:29 second mark. (look on the bottom right of the screen)

I just have to wonder, will they try to ban that too?

Check out the commercial. I think it’s cute!

About the Commercial:

Prestige Holdings Limited
KFC 2009 Carnival TVC Featuring Iwer George and Ziggy Rankin
Agency: Collier Morrison Belgrave
Account Executive: Antron Forte
Written by Tracy Hutchings
Produced and Directed by Indra Ramcharan
Shot and Edited by Cinepost/Cinevideo
Animation by Allan
Drawings by Maro Morrison and Darren Cheewah

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