For all of you living in Atlanta you know that last night poured and was a great day to stay indoors! I must admit I got caught in the down pour because I went to the gym and had great 3 hour workout! I attend the Facility in Tucker but must admit that if I was not using a pass, (I lucked out and signed up for the Body Challenge last year and they sent me a months pass this year as well) I would work out at home which is what I really prefer.  However, since I have the pass I figure I may as well use it. I love yoga and usually go to the Hindu Temple on Sundays see link or at home with


 Well, I have been attending Dr. Lewis’ Yoga classes on Mondays and now Fridays and she is the truth! Dr. Lewis seems to be in her 50’s but her body is AMAZING! She did an inversion (stood on her head, see picture below) and accomplished what I can only hope to one day. If you want to try it out check out this link:



She has a couple of DVD’s, one geared for maximum weight loss and another specifically for seniors. I will post the Titles when I get them.


In the mean time you can always try out a 7 day pass by using the link below. I recommend starting on a Sunday or Monday so you can experience her class on Monday at 10:30am and Friday at 11:30am. As always, hope to see you there!

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