Live Hip Hop at The Grounds Coffee House in The West -End


The Grounds Coffee House in the West End will be hosting a Live Hip Hop called “Food For The Spirit”

This event takes place on Sunday March 8th from 3pm-5pm. “Food For The spirit” is being called an opportunity for the Hip Hop community to fellowship while sharing music and messages of motivation in a holistic and spiritual environment.

The event will be led by ‘Minister Server’ HIP HOP Ministries, Inc who was ordained through The Barbara King School of Ministry and who has worked closely with KRS One on his “Keep Right” CD.

HIP HOP Ministries, Inc

HIP HOP Ministries, Inc

The Grounds Coffee House, located at 965 Ralph David Abernathy in the historic West End seems to be well loved by neighbourhood residents, college students, older patrons and well, everyone. In my reach I could not find anything but good reviews. I have been to the Grounds once with an up-and-coming entrepreneur for a meeting and must say that the staff, (who I believe are also the owners), were very hospitable! I do know it is Black owned and that they cater to vegan diets as well. If you are not a coffee drinker they have a wide selection of teas and a fruit smoothie that ROCKS!

Grounds Coffee House

Grounds Coffee House


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