This year PRIZM MAS is bring out their debut band for Atlanta’s 2009 Carnival (otherwise known as Atlanta’s Caribbean Folk Festival). In true Carnival style the costumes will be viewed for the first time at the band launching event called “From Dusk ’til Dawn” this Friday, April 10th.

I can only anticipate what they will look like! The theme can go so many ways but I hope it does not involve Vampires! LOL

Here is their official press release:

Friday, April 10, 2009

PRIZM Mas presents
“From Dusk til Dawn” Band Launch Event

Not just your typical band launching party but a unique event that dares to
break the mold.  The PRIZM Mas Band Launch Event brings together a festive
party atmosphere with an eclectic Caribbean fashion show.  The highlight of
the night will be the unveiling of three dynamic costume sections in a theme
that celebrates the spirit of a die hard Carnival reveler.

Mark your calendar for Friday, April 10th as we introduce you to the PRIZM
Experience.  Atlanta Carnival 2009, we’re going from dusk til dawn and

For more information contact us at playmas@prizm-intl.com or 404.983.3540.


Thanks to Jason Walker Host of Caribbean Runnings on 89.3 FM from 2pm – 4pm for the info!

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