“If you don’t like somthing, change it!”

“If you don’t like something change it” A wise friend who always seems to get what she wants once told me that and it has stuck. I didn’t know what to do with the knowledge until now.  You see, I’m not particularly happy with my life.

As a Caribbean descendant living in Atlanta, the fastest growing city for fellow people from the Caribbean, I want to tell you that overall success has eluded me thus far. Sure I am happy in my relationships and in my skin in an I’m-not-going-to-kill-myself kind of way but I’m not happy with the level of success I have achieved thus far. As my friend advised so many years ago, since I don’t like my life I need to change it! Here is my personal challenge for you all to witness, convert my lack luster life to one of Caribbean Socialite status. It’s time for me to go from Drab to Fab!

I don’t know how I will get there. Where do I start?

However, I plan on focusing on the destination and enjoying the ride!

All your tips and the help you can give is appreciated!

Wish me luck and fortune!

Inga O ♥

Things To Do:

Figure out how long this project should take. I also need to update my look which involved learning how to finally deal with my hair in it’s natural state, purge my wardrobe so I always look my great.  Darn…I need to make some money to fund this project.

One thought on ““If you don’t like somthing, change it!”

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