My Memorial Day Party Hair

I must say I have a lot of fashionable friends (you can see the essence of two of them right here in this picture- I didn’t get permission to post their image so for now this is what you get ; 0)  This is a profile picture of the Memorial Day Party Hair and outfit.  I  pulled out this dress out of my closet with tags on it. I purchased it back last Memorial Day Week-End and never wore it because  I really second guessed how it looked on me.

Oh to my surprise, I got so many complements.

Now on to the hair.  I put lots of leave-in conditioner in and brushed it up into a high bun. brushed it some more with a bit of Biotin gel and then I  put a decorative flower attached to an elastic hair band on and off to the side.  I tied it with a scarf to ensure no fly-a-way hairs until it was dry.

Voila! Memorial Day Party Hair au naturale!

Inga O ♥

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