Warming Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works


I love perfumes, colognes and all ‘smell goods’ in general. Did you know that there is an olfactory connection between memory and our emotions? And that pleasant smells create pleasant memories? Certain smells can trigger memories so I like to wear my favourite scents when doing  things I enjoy or when gathering with people I care about for a good time.

Lately I’ve been wearing the Warming Vanilla Sugar scent by Bath & Body Works PLEASURES. The one I wear is in the older packaging that I received as a part of a gift basket set some time ago. I was not sure about smelling like food but I must say that since wearing this scent I’ve received a ton of complements. I even get a wiff of myself from time to time and agree that it does smell very good.

I noticed that the packaging has changed and I’m not sure if the new packaging means a new formulation of the scent but when they go on sale (as they always do at Bath & Body Works) I will pick it up to see for myself.

Vanilla has now become my signature scent.

Do you have a signature scent?

Inga O ♥

Opps! Note: I forgot to add the picture for you.

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