On Sunday’s I try very hard to get up and go to my local Lululemon Athletica showroom for free yoga classes that start at 10:30am.  Every month they have a different featured yoga studio and  I love the variety and original twist each teacher brings.

Well, this Sunday I experienced yoga outdoors (I was late and they locked the doors) along side 3 other very cool chicas who all happen to have natural hair and dark skin like me! Does that matter, not really but I started to feel a discriminatory pang welling up in contrast to those inside but shrugged it off as paranoia  and started to focus on the positives.

Although practising yoga when you can not hear the instructor can be frustrating I chose to embrace the good and feel privileged to be able to do Downward Facing Dog and look at the tree tops!

How cool is that?

Some would say that the sounds of the traffic was deafening but I thought was  great city background music. You see, I chose to embrace what came my way that day and  roll with it, being positive no matter what!

Here is a picture of the Lululemon Athletica Morningside Showroom window that I peeked through to try to stay with the group practicing inside! It was a challenge as you can imagine! check out there website here for a class near you or for really top-notch workout wear.

Inga O ♥

(BTW I have that orange top on the far right and LOVE it!)

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