Bakery Sunday & Schlotzskys Deli

What: (#8) Flat Black Shoes with Top Stitch

When: Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Where: To Sugar Coated Radical

With: Fellow Underground Foodies & my favourite Dear ab jeans that I got at Steve & Barrys before they went out of business, Baby Blue Banana Republic 3/4 sleeve turtle neck, a 100% wool vest- the tag says Index but I have no idea where I go it. Necklace made of Haematite with turquoise inspired beads purchased from Shop Good Will.

I really love these shoes because the are very comfortable and have an ‘air pillow’ inside for added support & comfort.

Honestly, these shoes were made for walking and I wish I knew the designer because I would buy another pair! I know! I know! How many do I need? But it’s true!

Later  that day I went to Schlotzsky’s Deli to claim my complementary meal. Can you see my trusty blue socks?

My guy was out of town and I found lots in the city with which to amuse myself. It was a very good day indeed!

As always I want to thank THE ORIGINAL Shoeperwoman for the Shoe Challenge. Check her out!

Inga O

Recycle Wednesday: Earth Hour

2011 marked the 3rd year of Earth Hour which took place Saturday March 26th and although it has passed I hope that it will inspire you to think about ways that you can conserve, reduce and recycle.

It’s beautiful that people all over the world participated in turning off their lights for one hour between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get an opportunity, just do something now and leading up to Earth Hour 2012. After all, that is really the point.

If people all over the world can come together to reduce consumption for one hour imagine what we can do during a week, month or year.

Love your home. Love the Earth.

Inga O

Earth Hour’s YouTube Channel Where you can see other videos.

Earth Hour’s Website Where you can find out more

Blue Avirex Boots

What: (#7) Blue Avirex Boots

When: Saturday,March 05th, 2011

Where: Working with a group of teens

With: Gap Knitted Sweater (possible from the boy’s section), Dear ab jeans that I got at Steve & Barrys before they went out of business, Polo Ralph Lauren down feather puffed vest that I got when I worked at Bloomingdales, my Oscar De La Renta Shades (I love that they have O’s on the sides)  and a blue and grey tasselled scarf that I picked up at a teeny-bopper store (maybe Claires or Icing) on sale for $1.50. I normally don’t even go into those stores but I was with a friend who wanted to and I actually found somethings I could use!

I went walking in this outfit and was comfortable and warm considering the day was overcast and, although it didn’t rain outright, it did drizzle and mist. That kind of weather is not easy on natural hair like mine but exercise took priority.


“Step on a crack, break your mama’s back” We used to say that as children. Kids really do say the darnedest things! I love this shot because of the tassels from the scarf.


There’s a little Avirex emblem on the boot right above the heel. I’m not sure why I’m pointing it out but I am. These boots were bought when I lived up north so they are good for the snow so I imagined that they were good for rain or misty-drizzle too.


May you have sunshine in your heart no matter what the weather holds!

Inga O

7 down 101 to go! Learn more about the Shoeperwoman Challenge!

Foot Lovin’

When I was in high school and college I revered my feet and was slightly obsessed really.  I love feet (my own and others). Hmm? could that be why I love shoes so much?

I’ve had two random people, in two different countries tell me how much they loved my feet too. Both men and one creepy. The first happened when I was visiting New York for the summer and planning to move there. I was at a pay phone with my cousin and standing back to give her privacy. Out of nowhere a man who was standing against the wall (and invisible to me before this point) took a giant step forward and whisper-talked, “You have suckable toes.”  What do you say to that? I said “Th-thank you” and stepped a little closer to my cousin. Creepy.

The other was a few years later after a New Years Eve party in Toronto. I was standing between double doors and waiting for my friend and ride to pull up. I was grumpy because the guy who professed his love to me almost daily, completely ignored me because his ex-girlfriend was in attendance. Looser. Anyway, A cute guy was in his car and motioning for me to come outside. Back then I would NEVER go over to a man who calls me- I probably still wouldn’t if it applied. So I remained between the double doors and he sent a message with another guy to tell me, “I have kissable feet.”  If I wasn’t in a funk over Ex-girlfriend Guy I may have entertained him but I was. Looking back, he was a cutie too.

I get a lot of complements from pedicurists on my large nail beds.  When giving myself a pedicure they are handy because I have a larger area to work with, yet if you notice, my big toes are messed up.


Go figure I messed up on the largest nail. If this happens to you you can try to take it off with polish remover or do like I do. Nothing. After your next shower it will flake off on it’s own. The colour is a true red but the bottle has no name on it. I’ve had it for a long long time and got it at a beauty supply store in NYC (maybe). The brand is Jennifer Nail Colour. I really want to buy some OPI and China Glaze but I’m being firm with using what I have before buying more. I probably have 50 bottles of nail polish so I won’t be buying more for a long while.


I realized that I have been neglecting my maintenance routines. Routines that I used to do religiously. Could it be because I’m coupled of- I hope not. So I’m applying the principle of Sankofa I will learn form my past and cultivate good habits once again!

Inga O

I Choose To Be Patient

I am torn between bearing my soul and being completely honest with you all and presenting only my best. I have been going back on forth on this subject since yesterday because, on one hand I believe that my being completely honest is more beneficial to achieving my transformation goals but on the other hand I want to be seen in the best light possible. I want my blog to look all shiny and new like the blogs I enjoy reading!  However, when I put it like that I sound like a whiny brat! I guess I have to remember to enjoy the journey and know that in time I will evolve and so will this blog. I have to remember to be patient. I have to remember to be true to the process and not covet my neighbour’s blog.

Blue Leather Cross Trekker Sneakers at Zumba


What:(#6) Blue Leather Cross Trekker Sneakers

When: Saturday,March 05th, 2011

Where: Free Zumba Class at West-End Library

With: Discus Athletic Gray sweat pants (NOTE: Trademark owned by Russell Corp.), Land’s End blue polo with “ ” on it, hooded rain coat from The Gap and Black Wilson’s Leather purse.

There comes a point of realization in everyone’s life. When you look at the outfit that you crafted thinking, “This works!” Only to look at the pictures later of you in the outfit and get slapped in the face with the “What was I thinking?!?” cold hard truth. For some it comes in a decade or week for me it came the next day. I don’t think I’m over exaggerating. My Zumba outfit is hideous! Did I really think pushing up the elastic legs to my knees a la LL Cool J (and even he only did one leg) was cool? Oh Em Gee!

My guy was looking for his sweat pants to go work on his car and grabbed mine by mistake. The funny think was, they fit him perfectly. Obviously that is further evidence that they were too big, too bulky and just plan wrong for me.

I plan to be brutally honest with you and sometimes that honesty hurts but I know it will serve me well in the long run. For that I thank you. Here are some more photos as proof of my wardrobe goof!

Me and the Zumba instructor. I can’t remember her name but she was so sweet! She was filling in for the regular instructor. So hopefully we will see here again from time to time.


I asked her to take off her jacket so you could see the Zumba logo. I’ve fallen in love with Zumba, second only to yoga. The weather was rainy and gloomy but our endorphins were serging so we were all smiles in the rain.


This angle shows the lack of support these shoes have for my feet. I think they may have to get retired…permanently.


Honestly, they were supposed to be my work in the yard / mud shoes but somehow they crept back into rotation. I’m thinking about using them for walking but probably should buy shoes that are designed for walking to avoid injury.  (*tock* *tock* knock on wood.)


I’m enjoying this honesty thing. It is helping me to change the things I don’t like while being accountable. I have to put aside my pride if I’m going to attain more lofty goals. Not always easy but I know it will be worth it! This is all courtesy of the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge that I am participating in and learning so much more about myself in the process.

Inga O

Recycle Wednesday

I too love Wednesday’s as many other people do. Some love it because it is affectionately known as “Hump Day” and represents half way towards the week-end. Other’s love it because it starts with a W (OK I made that up). For me it is recycle day.

The day my rinsed and dried glass, plastic and metals begin their new journey along side the separate up equal paper. Are they ready for a new life? I like to think so. They served me well and gave me something to read or held my lotions, creams, beverages and condiments and now I have prepared them for a new life. What will become of them? I don’t know but I run to the window every Wednesday morning when I hear the truck pull up. I imagine I feel like a mother sending her children off to school. Will the glass break? Will the bag open and they become lost in the trucks reservoir? Will the cardboard be rejected because of the glossy paper attached to it?  I don’t know so  I find hope in the fact that I did my part and now it’s up to someone else to assist them with the next leg of their journey.

This post was inspired by 1800 RecyclingDo Your Part, Georgia Green & Healthy Schools and Earth Force