I’m Participating in The Shoeperwoman Challenge

I was perusing my friend Charee’s blog and saw that she was participating in a use-it-or-loose-it shoe challenge put on by Shoeperwoman (AKA Amber). I was intrigued and wanted in! Unfortunately, the “start date” was Valentines Day 2011 so I’ve missed a few weeks but the good news is that she says I can join in anytime. YEAH!

The Challenge is year long and the second one hosted by Shoeperwoman, although the first one was not as inclusive. The end result is you either wear all of your shoes and stop collecting them so they can collect dust or you dump, sell, or give them to charity. I’m all for the latter! So I agree to wear ALL of my shoes by February 14th, 2012 or give the ones I don’t wear to charity.

The funny thing is I just said to myself, (I do talk to myself and have been doing since childhood with imaginary classmates I brought home- I was an only child for a long time.)  I need to go through all of my clothes & stuff and get rid of anything I don’t wear. Shortly after, the challenge showed up. The Universe is listening people!

I spent the early part of today pulling out and cleaning shoes  that have been stashed all over the house. I don’t think I’ve missed any and will add them to the count if found at a later time. I have lined them up like good little soldiers and will post a picture shortly.  Guess How many I have?

I’ll let you know soon enough. I’m inspired to continue down this exciting path as I see change happen right before my eyes! This is one more stage in my metamorphosis, I can feel it!


Here are the rules if you want to participate too:

The Rules:

  • You must wear every pair of shoes/boots you own before the end of the challenge. (And it doesn’t matter whether you own five pairs or five hundred – everyone is welcome!)
  • You must take photos of yourself wearing each pair of shoes as “evidence”. (Full length outfit shots only: photos showing just your feet don’t count!)
  • Each week I’ll publish a roundup of participants’ photos from the past seven days, with a link back to your blog (if you have one: if you don’t, you’re welcome to just email your photo to shoepershoechallenge @gmail.com). If you don’t want to take photos you’re welcome to join in anyway, but you obviously won’t be able to be included in the weekly roundup.
  • Any shoes that you haven’t worn by the end of the challenge must be disposed of: use ‘em or lose ‘em.

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