Shoeperwoman Challenge: My Shoe Collection

I pulled out all of my shoes from every corner and crevice and …..(drum roll please) I have 95 pairs of foot wear + a pair of J Crew rain boots with a hole that I wear in the yard when it’s not raining.   I honestly thought I had about 51 pairs and my guy thought I had 45 pairs. We were way off! Here is a picture of them:

As you can see I tried to group them by colour to the best of my ability.


I did not fathom that this task would have taken so long. I found joy in it but it ate up my day.


I started cleaning the shoes before I put them in their colour coded spot but that proved to extend the time way too much.


I decided to include all of my foot wear, including flip flops and sneakers because I should be able to wear them at least once in a years time.


As I look at these pictures I realize that I have my work cut out for me. I have fallen ‘in love’ with my shoes again and I am getting creative with my outfits so all my clothing gets some play too. I can’t very well wear the same clothes all the time for the pictures can I? One surprising thing is my guy told me that he does not want to be my photographer-BOO! On the bright side I have found that if you ask nicely random people are willing to take your picture. The point of this challenge for me is to use what I have or give it to someone who will. I’m going to have fun with it and enjoy the process.

Inga O

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