My Fuzzy Black & White Shoes at the Gas Station

What: (#2) Xhilaration Black & White Fabric Shoes

When: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Where: Gas Station

With: Sophia Swire of London knit short-sleeved top and Old Navy ruffled black cotton skirt. The top was purchased at one of my favourite consignment shops called Finders Keepers. The Skirt has been in rotation for a long time but it is a great black skirt that has withstood the test of time with out fading. The accompanying purse is black and from Wilson’s Leather, and not pictured. The best accessory, to me, on this lovely warm and sunny day is my smile. I hope you can find something to smile about too.

These shoes boast a low heel and offer a surprising amount of walk-ability. I think I picked them up at Finders Keepers too but I really can’t remember because it has been so long. I have grown to appreciate them for their originality and comfort.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine too, if only in you’re heart.

Inga O

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