What Fashion Should Be

I just mentioned to you yesterday that the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge has proven to be about more than foot wear. Now the above image shows up as confirmation while I transform and express myself with the ensembles I put together.

(side note: I find it difficult to use French words in English sentences with the same regard that others do because I actually know what the words mean and they are very rarely as sophisticated as made out to be).

I used to think that fashion was “fluff” I now know first hand that it can be art…and self expression…and creativity. Once we do it our own way. Once we let go of the cookie cutter presentations. Once we fire the advisors. Once we accept each other’s diversity. Once we accept artist expression, no matter how crazy we think it is. Then, all at once we can dare to be true to our authentic, beautiful selves.

Inga O

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