Carnival Monday & Monday Wear

One of the biggest things to happen in Trinidad & Tobago every year is Carnival or Ca’nival as the locals and those in the know call it. I have roots in Trinidad and have not been “home” for Ca’nival since G-A-S-P 1990! As a result I got the bug hard this year but reality set in when I remembered that it really is something you have to plan for a year in advance if you want to play mas (be in the parade as a masquerader). Not to mention that if you attempt to finance it late in the year you will pay a small fortune. I’m not kidding. Some people in Trinidad take out Carnival Loans.

That being said I had a few friends and family going to, and participating in this years Carnival festivities. The Island literally shuts down for the 2 days. It’s a two day fete as they say. Carnival Monday was March 8th, 2011 this year and people go out in all sorts of homemade or home enhanced outfits and sometimes parts of Tuesday costumes. There is glitter and sparkles and sometimes body paint. There is usually fake eye lashes and lots of spandex and sometimes feathers. Oh and this year I saw lots and lots of boots. I found that to be odd because I could not fathom wearing hot boots in the hot sun because I HATE hot feet. But that’s just me.

Here are some pictures of Ca’nival Monday & the variety that is Monday Wear:

That my friends is a small sampling of Carnival Monday and Monday Wear. I hope you enjoyed the peek inside a cultural phenomenon. Trinidad & Tobago’s carnival is referred to as second only to Rio’s. I can not comment on Rio because I have never been but I will say that Trinidad & Tobago sets aside business, differences and everything in between once a year to put on what I call the largest and longest fete on earth.

Inga O

All photos are the property of Triniscene

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