I Am A “Take Back Your Hair Challenge 2011” Participant.

When I first discussed going natural with my cousin and lamented over my lack of natural hair knowledge, plus the fact that I have relaxed my hair for so long I didn’t even know where to being and that my mother being a hair dressed made me completely challenged in the hair department my whole life, she suggested I check out dprincess28 on Youtube. I did and that led me to her Protecting Your Crown and Glory Blog.  Since I first followed her tips I found many other natural hair focused blogs and have learned a lot. I find it fitting that a year since first turning to Protecting your Crown & Glory I have returned just in time to participate in the second year of her Take Back Your Hair Challenge.  I remember trying to keep up last year and simply being over whelmed. Back then I opted to transition slowly and maintain my length despite what anyone said. I probably would still have stringy ends if Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solutions did not cut it during a demonstration for her new Curl Defining Cream.

This is not the best picture of the actual cut but it gives you an idea of the angles and dimension. I was very happy with it and my guy even complemented me and he DOES NOT like my hair in it’s natural state at all! Keep in mind that this is a few days after the cut so it’s not brand spanking new. Can you believe that my guy could not even tell that I cut my hair? My girlfriends noticed right away of course! I will try to track down a photo of my hair when it was newly done. No promises though!

Inga O

One thought on “I Am A “Take Back Your Hair Challenge 2011” Participant.

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