Sorry That I Was MIA + Black ToTheMax! Shoes For Buckhead Restaurant Week At Nava

Sorry for being MIA for the past week but it was my birthday on the 13th and everything has gone out the window since then. I partied until my feet were swollen and “I regret nothing!” As they said one of my favourite episodes of The Simpsons from 1992. I will post pictures soon but here is a teaser from the Loca Luna Facebook Page located in their Carnival 2011 Photo Album.  The picture was not actually of me but I’m in it on the left and laughing my birthday butt off!

What: (#5) tothemax! Thick heel & sole shoes

When: Saturday, March 05th, 2011

Where: Nava

With: Blue ankle socks I got at Dollar Tree (NOTE: did you know they were on twitter??@dollartree Me either!), Dear ab jeans that I got at Steve & Barrys before they went out of business- I loved the store and love the jeans- sad, Baby Blue Banana Republic 3/4 sleeve turtle neck and Nine West Tweed(?) Jacket- that also had a matching skirt-that I got from Finders Keepers Consignment. Oh and my black leather Wilson’s Leather purse.

I should have taken the photo before I ate so you could see the subtle orange lip colour but my guy was not having it. Honestly, he barely wanted to take these photos yet he calls himself a/n (amateur) photographer. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!


The red eye sucks but i had to include this photo because of the door! Isn’t it beautiful?


The ToTheMAx! Shoes are big and clunky and heavy and some have even called them ugly ha ha ha which makes me love them that much more. I swear I try to find the most controversial foot wear to add to my collection. I just love the shoes that others frown upon that much more.


I love how round these shoes are. They are not the shoes I can wear all night long or for long walks but they are steady and I always feel surefooted in them.


Check out the chunky heel. I love it!


The Shoeperwoman Shoes Challenge has helped me to put the fun back in getting dressed, from head to toe! Thanks Shoeperwoman!

Inga O

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