Recycle Wednesday

I too love Wednesday’s as many other people do. Some love it because it is affectionately known as “Hump Day” and represents half way towards the week-end. Other’s love it because it starts with a W (OK I made that up). For me it is recycle day.

The day my rinsed and dried glass, plastic and metals begin their new journey along side the separate up equal paper. Are they ready for a new life? I like to think so. They served me well and gave me something to read or held my lotions, creams, beverages and condiments and now I have prepared them for a new life. What will become of them? I don’t know but I run to the window every Wednesday morning when I hear the truck pull up. I imagine I feel like a mother sending her children off to school. Will the glass break? Will the bag open and they become lost in the trucks reservoir? Will the cardboard be rejected because of the glossy paper attached to it?  I don’t know so  I find hope in the fact that I did my part and now it’s up to someone else to assist them with the next leg of their journey.

This post was inspired by 1800 RecyclingDo Your Part, Georgia Green & Healthy Schools and Earth Force

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