Blue Leather Cross Trekker Sneakers at Zumba


What:(#6) Blue Leather Cross Trekker Sneakers

When: Saturday,March 05th, 2011

Where: Free Zumba Class at West-End Library

With: Discus Athletic Gray sweat pants (NOTE: Trademark owned by Russell Corp.), Land’s End blue polo with “ ” on it, hooded rain coat from The Gap and Black Wilson’s Leather purse.

There comes a point of realization in everyone’s life. When you look at the outfit that you crafted thinking, “This works!” Only to look at the pictures later of you in the outfit and get slapped in the face with the “What was I thinking?!?” cold hard truth. For some it comes in a decade or week for me it came the next day. I don’t think I’m over exaggerating. My Zumba outfit is hideous! Did I really think pushing up the elastic legs to my knees a la LL Cool J (and even he only did one leg) was cool? Oh Em Gee!

My guy was looking for his sweat pants to go work on his car and grabbed mine by mistake. The funny think was, they fit him perfectly. Obviously that is further evidence that they were too big, too bulky and just plan wrong for me.

I plan to be brutally honest with you and sometimes that honesty hurts but I know it will serve me well in the long run. For that I thank you. Here are some more photos as proof of my wardrobe goof!

Me and the Zumba instructor. I can’t remember her name but she was so sweet! She was filling in for the regular instructor. So hopefully we will see here again from time to time.


I asked her to take off her jacket so you could see the Zumba logo. I’ve fallen in love with Zumba, second only to yoga. The weather was rainy and gloomy but our endorphins were serging so we were all smiles in the rain.


This angle shows the lack of support these shoes have for my feet. I think they may have to get retired…permanently.


Honestly, they were supposed to be my work in the yard / mud shoes but somehow they crept back into rotation. I’m thinking about using them for walking but probably should buy shoes that are designed for walking to avoid injury.  (*tock* *tock* knock on wood.)


I’m enjoying this honesty thing. It is helping me to change the things I don’t like while being accountable. I have to put aside my pride if I’m going to attain more lofty goals. Not always easy but I know it will be worth it! This is all courtesy of the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge that I am participating in and learning so much more about myself in the process.

Inga O

2 thoughts on “Blue Leather Cross Trekker Sneakers at Zumba

    • Charee I love it and was so mad that I missed this weeks class at the West End Library. I will be contacting the instructor to get her schedule. I think it’s great because you sweat a lot but it fun if you like to dance.

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