Foot Lovin’

When I was in high school and college I revered my feet and was slightly obsessed really.  I love feet (my own and others). Hmm? could that be why I love shoes so much?

I’ve had two random people, in two different countries tell me how much they loved my feet too. Both men and one creepy. The first happened when I was visiting New York for the summer and planning to move there. I was at a pay phone with my cousin and standing back to give her privacy. Out of nowhere a man who was standing against the wall (and invisible to me before this point) took a giant step forward and whisper-talked, “You have suckable toes.”  What do you say to that? I said “Th-thank you” and stepped a little closer to my cousin. Creepy.

The other was a few years later after a New Years Eve party in Toronto. I was standing between double doors and waiting for my friend and ride to pull up. I was grumpy because the guy who professed his love to me almost daily, completely ignored me because his ex-girlfriend was in attendance. Looser. Anyway, A cute guy was in his car and motioning for me to come outside. Back then I would NEVER go over to a man who calls me- I probably still wouldn’t if it applied. So I remained between the double doors and he sent a message with another guy to tell me, “I have kissable feet.”  If I wasn’t in a funk over Ex-girlfriend Guy I may have entertained him but I was. Looking back, he was a cutie too.

I get a lot of complements from pedicurists on my large nail beds.  When giving myself a pedicure they are handy because I have a larger area to work with, yet if you notice, my big toes are messed up.


Go figure I messed up on the largest nail. If this happens to you you can try to take it off with polish remover or do like I do. Nothing. After your next shower it will flake off on it’s own. The colour is a true red but the bottle has no name on it. I’ve had it for a long long time and got it at a beauty supply store in NYC (maybe). The brand is Jennifer Nail Colour. I really want to buy some OPI and China Glaze but I’m being firm with using what I have before buying more. I probably have 50 bottles of nail polish so I won’t be buying more for a long while.


I realized that I have been neglecting my maintenance routines. Routines that I used to do religiously. Could it be because I’m coupled of- I hope not. So I’m applying the principle of Sankofa I will learn form my past and cultivate good habits once again!

Inga O

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