Blue Avirex Boots

What: (#7) Blue Avirex Boots

When: Saturday,March 05th, 2011

Where: Working with a group of teens

With: Gap Knitted Sweater (possible from the boy’s section), Dear ab jeans that I got at Steve & Barrys before they went out of business, Polo Ralph Lauren down feather puffed vest that I got when I worked at Bloomingdales, my Oscar De La Renta Shades (I love that they have O’s on the sides)  and a blue and grey tasselled scarf that I picked up at a teeny-bopper store (maybe Claires or Icing) on sale for $1.50. I normally don’t even go into those stores but I was with a friend who wanted to and I actually found somethings I could use!

I went walking in this outfit and was comfortable and warm considering the day was overcast and, although it didn’t rain outright, it did drizzle and mist. That kind of weather is not easy on natural hair like mine but exercise took priority.


“Step on a crack, break your mama’s back” We used to say that as children. Kids really do say the darnedest things! I love this shot because of the tassels from the scarf.


There’s a little Avirex emblem on the boot right above the heel. I’m not sure why I’m pointing it out but I am. These boots were bought when I lived up north so they are good for the snow so I imagined that they were good for rain or misty-drizzle too.


May you have sunshine in your heart no matter what the weather holds!

Inga O

7 down 101 to go! Learn more about the Shoeperwoman Challenge!

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