Bakery Sunday & Schlotzskys Deli

What: (#8) Flat Black Shoes with Top Stitch

When: Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Where: To Sugar Coated Radical

With: Fellow Underground Foodies & my favourite Dear ab jeans that I got at Steve & Barrys before they went out of business, Baby Blue Banana Republic 3/4 sleeve turtle neck, a 100% wool vest- the tag says Index but I have no idea where I go it. Necklace made of Haematite with turquoise inspired beads purchased from Shop Good Will.

I really love these shoes because the are very comfortable and have an ‘air pillow’ inside for added support & comfort.

Honestly, these shoes were made for walking and I wish I knew the designer because I would buy another pair! I know! I know! How many do I need? But it’s true!

Later  that day I went to Schlotzsky’s Deli to claim my complementary meal. Can you see my trusty blue socks?

My guy was out of town and I found lots in the city with which to amuse myself. It was a very good day indeed!

As always I want to thank THE ORIGINAL Shoeperwoman for the Shoe Challenge. Check her out!

Inga O

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