Hair Challenge Confusion Sorted Out

I’ve paused my participation in the Protecting Your Crown & Glory Hair Challenge (T.B.Y.H 2011 that I mentioned here) because I found of Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge (K.C.G.O.C) that also interest me and include monthly prizes by Jessicurl who is my Canadian sister in spirit.

So after much deliberation I’ve decided that they are similar and flexible enough to do both. The end result? I win and my hair thanks me profusely!

A couple of things that stood out with T.B.Y.H 2011 was the focus on avoiding heat and focusing on the end goal of growing longer, healthier hair. Some of the musts:

1. Take a picture before & after

2. Can only straighten twice during the 3 month challenge.

3. Must deep condition twice a month.

4. You must moisturize you hair.

K.C.G.O.C focuses on avoiding all bad habits including food choices. Here are some of the steps:

1. Get a trim.

2. Balanced diet and sufficient water intake.

3. Gentle handling.

4. Minimal heat usage.

5. Regular deep treatments.

6. Daily moisturizing.

I went to a Dominican hair salon Called Lilly’s Hair Plus located at 5344 Jimmy Carter Blvd Norcross, GA
(770-446-711) on December17, 2010 and got a trim.  So I am due  for another but will wait until I straighten my hair again to trim it.

Here is my starting length:

My hair is bra length. It is saturated with conditioner.

These pictures were taken after I did an hour of Zumba class with the conditioner, a plastic cap and scarf on my head. Multitasking deep treatment!

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