Yellow & Crimson With Heeled Booties

What: (#10) Heeled Booties from the Finders Keepers Bag Sale that benefited Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta.

When: Friday, March 11th, 2011

Where: Lenox Square Mall to Sephora to collect items to give as party favours at my birthday party.

With: Yellow Lindor top (makes me think of chocolate YUM), Gap Loose Fit Jeans, Thrifted Jacket & Gifted Dooney & Burke purse.

I asked a few random folks to take my picture and lucked upon a very nice couple. The lady had an eye and I wish it was always that easy to find photographers du jour. I am always touched by the small acts of random kindness that makes me feel connected to others. Thank you Lenox Square Mall lady!

There is something about saying or typing Crimson that sounds mysterious and dangerous! The jacket is probably more of a ruby or burgundy but I like how crimson sounds., so crimson it is!

These boots are weird & funky, just the way I like them!

I’ve always been drawn to odd shoes. I like that I’ll wear something that is either loved or hated with very little in between. Actually, I more they are hated the more I seem to love them! LOL

If you are unsure as to why I am posting the shoes I wear it all started with a post I read on my friend Cheree Lenee’s blog, which lead me to Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge. I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m trying to encourage my friends to get on board but so far no go!

Inga O

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