Blue & Orange Racing Shoes

What: (#11) Addidas Racing Shoes (sneakers)

When: Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Where: Zumba Class

With: Lululemon Athletica top, yoga pants, and a gifted scarf tied on my head covering the deep conditioner  & plastic cap (you can see the plastic cap peeking out from under the scarf). Multi tasking at it’s best!

The day was gorgeous and I felt so good about my smarts. I completed a full hour of Zumba & had the wherewithal to deep condition my hair at the same time. Someone was using her noggin!

Does it look like I was dancing? Spinning around? The sun does bring out my playful side! However, I wasn’t. These are comfortable workout shoes that don’t have a lot of support so they are good for dancing or walking but I would NEVER try to run in them!

Inga O

FYI: You too can join the Shoeperwoman Callenge here.

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