Hair Challenge Slow Motion

My AHA Moment (Thanks Oprah) came when I realize I have been conditioned to hate doing my hair. For as long as I can remember my mother grumbled about doing my hair and only did it once a month. They say bad habits are easier to pick up than good, so is it any wonder that I loath doing my hair?  Well this Hair Challenge is timely because it is time for change! I will make it an enjoyable experience. I will commit to doing ti weekly or bi-weekly. I will respect my hair. Here are some photos from when I did my hair for my birthday:

As I mentioned (here), I put Garnier Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner on my hair with a plastic cap as a deep conditioning treatment and went to Zumba class. Once I returned home I washed it first with a  hotel size Davies Gate Quince Cleansing Shampoo (here), then followed with JASON’S Biotin Shampoo that I purchased from Rainbow Natural Foods

I also co-washed once with V05 Moisture Milk Passion Fruit Shampoo after putting a cap on to deep condition while handling my showering business.

I used a big comb and rinsed  under the shower. I did not dry my hair at all and finger combed with Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream. I’d said I easily used half of the bottle. My hair soaks up product!

My hair is an oxymoron it’s thick when you look at it but each strand is thin.

I did big twist as you can see.

Once done, I prepared to air dry for anywhere from a day to three, depending on the weather.

See my smile? It’s because the day was beautiful and sunny so I knew my hair would dry in time for the party the next afternoon.


Garnier Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner Sleek & Shine: I love the thickness of it.

Davies Gate Quince Cleansing Shampoo: I could not find a list of the ingredients which is very important to me. I like the smell but would not pay $15 dollars for a bottle. I’m so glad a got a few from a hotel stay. We’ll see if I break down and buy it once all my samples run out.

JASON’S Biotin Shampoo: Some hate the smell but I like it, kinda minty with a hint of medicine. I also like that it is Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate free.

V05 Moisture Milk Passion Fruit Conditioner: To me it is the best cheap conditioner around. I wish it did not have the dyes but I’m willing to make that trade because the price point and moisture it offers can’t be beat!

Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream: This was gifted by my Hairy -Godmother! LOL It was too think for her so I got it and my hair loves it!

Wide Tooth Shower Comb: I use this to de-tangle but not faithfully. I do use it once out of the shower to part and comb as well.

Plastic Shower Cap: I always wash may hair first, then apply conditioner & put on a cap while  handling the body details. I feel that it’s a must to ensure moisturized hair.

I pledge to do my hair regularly either weekly or bi-weekly. I pledge to have fun with my hair and make it an enjoyable process!

Inga O

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