Prada Shoe Lovin’

I have a wish list folder on my computer that houses all of the pretty shoes that I will one day own, even if only in my dreams. These were found a while back and I’m sorry that I can’t give proper credit because I simply did not note who took the picture in my hast to capture the image.

Well when I realized that Shala Monroque was wearing them in the picture I posted yesterday! I knew they looked familiar…NO WORDS! It solidified the realization that she is my style inspiration! I don’t know much about the beauties above EXCEPT that they are by Prada. I tried to find them online to no avail. Any help with pointing me in the right direction (a style name, number, price or a pair if you’d like lol) would be soooo appreciated!

Do you notice that the yellow stain on the street looks like an angel or a bird? Could that be a sign that I should have these shoes? LOL

Inga O

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