Jessica Simpson’s Dakee Boots

What: (#12) Jessica Simpson’s Dakee Boots

When: Saturday, March 12st, 2011

Where: My first ever gel nail manicure & then met friends who were shopping

With: Mini dress worn as a top, Blue stretch pants that I’ve had forever (and fastens with velcro WHO DOES THAT??) and a bag & hat that says “Love” all over in neon coulours that I got at an accessories store (can’t rememeber if it was Claires or Icing) but at $3.00 I figured I could fit it into an outfit and I love the idea of spreading LOVE! Plus those deep discounts get me every time!

I like how the red of the car and and my pants contrasted. Who knew at the time that I was really channelling the colour blocking of spring.  That is until the owners of the car arrived putting a halt to the fashion shoot.

I got these boots on ideeli for $39 (a steal in my opinion- see my purchase here).  When they came home I realized that they were a bit tight around the toes. Unfortunately I realized once I wore them out they are not comfortable to walk in at all. I’ll have to research some form of insole cushioning for sure.

This post was inspired by the Shoeperwoman shoe challenge that I’m taking part in. I’ve found it to be deeper than organizing shoes and wearing all of them by a set date. It’s more about taking stock of your possessions and how you want to represent yourself.

Inga O

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