Post Mortum….World Hair Show 2011 Taliah Waajid Volunteer

I was chosen as a Taliah Waajid Product Model Volunteer. I networked, made a few friends and I learned a few things from the experience. Here they are in no particular order:

~I realized that many people forget their manners when faced with getting free products and/or samples.

~I learned that you can have a difference of opinions but still work well together.

~I learned that graduating from Cosmetology School does not automatically guarantee that one knows how to handle all hair types, even within the natural hair circles.

~I’ve learned to express my desires for my hair and not let anyone’s ideas trump my own.

~I realized that I need to set boundaries and tell other’s what I am and am not willing to do.

~I learned that some people will take advantage of you if you let them while in pursuit of their goals.

~I learned that a little kindness goes a long way.

~I realize that the best relationships are mutually beneficial.

~I realized that the natural hair community is growing, and there is room to learn and to teach.

~I realize that despite the fact that some family and friends view my natural hair as ugly, there are a lot of people out there who love and admire it.  

~I learned that communication is golden when seasoned with compassion.

~I learned that people are hungry to learn about natural hair care and styles.

~I learned that sometimes people are not realistic about what natural styles they can achieve based on what they wish to have.

~I learned that some people are vulnerable when searching for something they want with out knowing for sure what it is.  

~I learned that sometimes people really do believe the hype without doing their hoemwork.   

~I realized that the business of natural hair is HUGE.

~I realize that when I share my natural hair knowledge with others I must do it with integrity.

~I realized that to myself I must be true.

~I realize that I need want to continue to use the momentum of the World Natural Hair Show 2011 to help others on their natural hair journey.

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