World Natural Hair Show Audition Outfit & BIG Hair

What: (#13) American Eagle Outfitters Hot Pink Wedges

When: Tuesday, April 12st, 2011

Where: The World Natural Hair Show Audition at the Courtyard Marriott in College Park GA

With: Borrowed jean capris (I’m not sure if that is what you’d call them) with a built in cuff. White Tru Kings T-Shirt (my cousin’s Canadian record label) and black The Works Saks Fifth Avenue Jacket.

Wedges are usually comfy and sexy at the same time and these are no exception. They were the perfect shoes to wear to the audition because I really didn’t think I would have to do the “runway walk” but I did.

I had to take a picture of this bag. I just love it and if you notice that the colour matched my gel nail manicure to a tee. Back to the bag. I got it on super sale for $98 at Macy’s with an original price of $300 plus. Score!

Here is another angle of the wedges. I really don’t wear them that much despite liking them a lot. I guess deep down I don’t want to ruin the suede.  Suede can be so unforgiving.

So,  as you can see my hair was really big for the audition. I like my Super Sized hair despite my guy not liking it. He’s still dreaming of my bone straight days. I really think my big hair sealed the deal and got me the call back. I’ll be posting more behind the scene pictures from the show soon.

Save 13. Another Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge inspired post!

Inga O

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