Pre Birthday Shoe Saving

What: (#14)Luna Rosa Shoes in Natural

When: Friday, March 12st, 2011 for a Pre-Birthday dinner with Randy of This That and Thensome

Where:Buckhead Dinner 3073 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

With: Giorgio Fiorlini Shirt that I got from a Finders Keepers Bag sale,  dark washed jeans and Guess Collection clutch.

My guy, who is also my photographer when I twist his arm, got revenge and cut off my head.  Good help is so hard to find!

I like all of the different textures in these shoes.  I bought them at a boutique that went out of business.

As far as comfort goes they are not too bad either.

The Shoeperwoman challenge is on week 14 and I’m on my 14th pair saved. I have to pick up the pace or I’ll be donating and /or  throwing out the rest.

Inga O

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