Me & Side Show Bob

I’ve been called many things on this Natural Hair Quest. Some rude. Some mean, some comical. I’ve been told on a few occasions by the people I care about that I look like Side Show Bob. Side Show Bob was Krusty The Clowns sidekick on The Simpson’s (one of my all time favourite cartoons).

Most of the time the I laughed; some of the time I had to fill in the “that guy” with his name. All of the time I couldn’t care less.

To me Side Show Bob looked like a Coconut tree and I love Coconut trees and their delicious fruit. His name made me think of Bob Marley and I love, love, love what he stood for too. I believe Side Show Bob knew what he wanted and marched to his own beat, (aside from his plotting murder) that makes him cool in my book. So I guess there is something strange, quirky and mysterious and a little dangerous about Side Show Bob. I don’t mind. being Natural is not for the faint of heart.

Inga O

Customized 3D Wedding Invitations


With 3D movies catching up on trends today, why should you not try it for the one of the most important event of your life, you wedding? With the 3D technology charming everyone everywhere, New York-based Mélangerie called Brooklyn lets you create your wedding invites in a stop motion 3D. How you ask? Well, the invite comes along with a charming custom View-Master slide that contains your story in motion pictures! All you need to do is send them 7 high-resolution pictures and wait for 6 to 8 weeks for the delivery.


Penny Loves Kenny Purchase

My last shoe count was 101 as you can see on the left but that’s not an accurate number. I have been buying shoes and have lost count of my true and present total. So I have to gather all my shoes AGAIN to count them. I’m not looking forward to that so that is why  I’ll be sticking with 101 for now.

I attempted to buy these shoes for $25 on ideeli but my size disappeared so fast that I was panicked.  The problem with being panicked is that it often leads to poor judgment and impulsive behaviour.

I got these instead and as soon as I saw the miniature pink Penny Loves Kenny box I knew in my gut I made a poor choice. The shoes came folded up and honestly looked like house slippers. No thank you! Not to mention they made my feet look so flat and wide. Oh they had to go back alright.

Luckily when I put on these Penny Loves Kenny yellow shoes the brand redeemed themselves. I was just about to write off the entire brand but these  are actually cute on and built like real shoes and not house shoes. They are leather and also only $25. I’d say I lucked out with these. I bought these back in March and they fit right in with this summers colour blocking trend. Yes, I’m ahead of the curve!

Inga O

Recycling Wednesdays

I love recycling. I don’t know why but since I can remember, I have always felt the need to Reduce, Reuse and once introduced in my area, Recycle. I feel good every Wednesday when I get up extra early to gather my papers, cans, plastic and glass bottles until the recycle truck comes to pick them up.

Maybe it’s because I’m an ‘Old Soul” but I prefer glass to plastic anyway. I often wonder what it would have been like getting my milk off the back steps from a 6 glass bottles, only to return the empties to be picked up after use.

Plastic is not that romantic. Plastic just feels cheap to me. I really like the look and feel of glass, and the re-usability factor is a big plus. I feel that when you participate in recycling items get a new life. A second chance. Here are some examples:


wolf art glass recycled blown bottle glass


wolf art glass recycled bottle glass blown pendant light

wolf art glass recycled bottle glass wine stopper & here


Inga O

My Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Piece in Curacao

I fell for the Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 hard when I first saw it and fantasized about getting so many pieces but to my dismay, the Atlanta market received only a very limited selection.  Well not to be outdone, I made it my duty to track down at least one piece from the colourful collection. I found a suit at the Mall of Georgia H&M store only for it to be one size too small. True enough I could squeeze myself in it but it felt restricting and I looked like a stuffed sausage. I wouldn’t let that stop me so I asked the sales girl to track down all markets with my size ( an 8 ) and write them all down for me so I could call. As luck would have it I tracked a couple swim suits down in NYC. Oh the H&M gods were smiling down on me because one of my good friends lives there and another one of my friends was on her way from Atlanta to visit in a couple of weeks.

A plan was born! I asked my friend to go to the store and try on the two suits and  send me pictures from her phone. Once I made my selection she bought it for me and agreed to meet my other friend to give it to her to bring back to Atlanta to me. Woo! Wee! Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

This is the original suit I fell for after seeing it on an ad board in a mall but it was completely sold out

This was also on my wish list but the only one I found was too small

I loved this cover up but could not find it high or low, again sold out

This is the suit that came home with to me

Here is the suit on a recent trip to Curaçao (More on that later)

Inga O

2011 MS WALK Shoe Save

Knowing that you have a solid group of females who are there to support you is the best feeling in the world. As an Atlanta transplant I have been blessed with meeting and growing to love, admire and cherish some of the most talented and ambitious yet fun loving women I’ve ever known. Honestly, they keep me sharp and the beauty lays in the fact that we all bring something very different to the table. We all come from some place else and now call Atlanta home and as such we often lean on each other in times of need and celebrate together as biological families are far away.

Early this past summer me & my guy along with the aforementioned friends and a Hodgepodge of new friends and acquaintances  gathered in a group as BFFs Against MS for the 2011 MS Walk at Piedmont Park here in Atlanta. We walked in bright orange shirts and for so many reasons that day but always with the knowledge that one of our friends is living with the disease. Her motto is simple. “Walk, dance and enjoy life today because tomorrow is not guaranteed; live life without regret.”


What: (#15) Roland Berry x Reebok collaboration sneaker with only 200 pairs made.

When: April 9th 2011 at 2011 MS WALK

Where: Piedmont Park

With: 2011 limited edition “Someone We Love Needs A Cure” T-Shirt created by the founder of Earringz n’ Thingz and DKNY khaki Capris.  Feather earring by AyeShanti Pieces


I’m part of the Shoeper Woman Shoe Challenge and I’ll tell you it’s not looking good because I’ve been on hiatus for the whole summer. Of course I was wearing shoes but I’ve also been buying shoes and neglecting to take pictures so the plot, as they say, thickens! Wish me luck because the goal is to wear all of my shoes before March 2st when I started. ARGH!

I’ve Been Gone For Too Long Think It’s Time To Bring It Back!

I’ve been travelling all summer and took a blogging break. Quite honestly I missed sharing my thoughts and connecting with people near and far but I wanted to take the time and focus on quality time with my guy, my friends and family in Canada and my girls trip to Curacao. I’ll be sharing the photographs I’ve collected over the summer with you soon. Until then enjoy my latest theme song by Ciara.