2011 MS WALK Shoe Save

Knowing that you have a solid group of females who are there to support you is the best feeling in the world. As an Atlanta transplant I have been blessed with meeting and growing to love, admire and cherish some of the most talented and ambitious yet fun loving women I’ve ever known. Honestly, they keep me sharp and the beauty lays in the fact that we all bring something very different to the table. We all come from some place else and now call Atlanta home and as such we often lean on each other in times of need and celebrate together as biological families are far away.

Early this past summer me & my guy along with the aforementioned friends and a Hodgepodge of new friends and acquaintances  gathered in a group as BFFs Against MS for the 2011 MS Walk at Piedmont Park here in Atlanta. We walked in bright orange shirts and for so many reasons that day but always with the knowledge that one of our friends is living with the disease. Her motto is simple. “Walk, dance and enjoy life today because tomorrow is not guaranteed; live life without regret.”


What: (#15) Roland Berry x Reebok collaboration sneaker with only 200 pairs made.

When: April 9th 2011 at 2011 MS WALK

Where: Piedmont Park

With: 2011 limited edition “Someone We Love Needs A Cure” T-Shirt created by the founder of Earringz n’ Thingz and DKNY khaki Capris.  Feather earring by AyeShanti Pieces


I’m part of the Shoeper Woman Shoe Challenge and I’ll tell you it’s not looking good because I’ve been on hiatus for the whole summer. Of course I was wearing shoes but I’ve also been buying shoes and neglecting to take pictures so the plot, as they say, thickens! Wish me luck because the goal is to wear all of my shoes before March 2st when I started. ARGH!

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