Penny Loves Kenny Purchase

My last shoe count was 101 as you can see on the left but that’s not an accurate number. I have been buying shoes and have lost count of my true and present total. So I have to gather all my shoes AGAIN to count them. I’m not looking forward to that so that is why  I’ll be sticking with 101 for now.

I attempted to buy these shoes for $25 on ideeli but my size disappeared so fast that I was panicked.  The problem with being panicked is that it often leads to poor judgment and impulsive behaviour.

I got these instead and as soon as I saw the miniature pink Penny Loves Kenny box I knew in my gut I made a poor choice. The shoes came folded up and honestly looked like house slippers. No thank you! Not to mention they made my feet look so flat and wide. Oh they had to go back alright.

Luckily when I put on these Penny Loves Kenny yellow shoes the brand redeemed themselves. I was just about to write off the entire brand but these  are actually cute on and built like real shoes and not house shoes. They are leather and also only $25. I’d say I lucked out with these. I bought these back in March and they fit right in with this summers colour blocking trend. Yes, I’m ahead of the curve!

Inga O

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