Me & Side Show Bob

I’ve been called many things on this Natural Hair Quest. Some rude. Some mean, some comical. I’ve been told on a few occasions by the people I care about that I look like Side Show Bob. Side Show Bob was Krusty The Clowns sidekick on The Simpson’s (one of my all time favourite cartoons).

Most of the time the I laughed; some of the time I had to fill in the “that guy” with his name. All of the time I couldn’t care less.

To me Side Show Bob looked like a Coconut tree and I love Coconut trees and their delicious fruit. His name made me think of Bob Marley and I love, love, love what he stood for too. I believe Side Show Bob knew what he wanted and marched to his own beat, (aside from his plotting murder) that makes him cool in my book. So I guess there is something strange, quirky and mysterious and a little dangerous about Side Show Bob. I don’t mind. being Natural is not for the faint of heart.

Inga O

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