Recycle Wednesdays: Share the Air

The Georgia Clean Air Campaign has been offering incentives to car pool and van pool for over 10 years and more than 70,000 Georgians have taken part since 2002. Honestly, I’m quite surprised that I did not hear about this much sooner. I’m an avid reuse, reduce, recycler so if this escapes my radar I know it escaped the radar of John & Joan Q Public. So this is how it works:

  • Switch to car pool, van pool, transit, bicycle, teleworking or walking and earn $3 a day up to $100 while saving thousands on commuter costs.
  • Log your commuter trips on a dedicated website once a day or once a week at your convenience.
  • Earn incentives and win prizes and become eligible for $25 a month prizes with the more trips logged offering a greater change to win. Also become eligible for the commuter rewards program that puts $40-$60 gas cards in your pocket.
  • If you need help with finding carpool partners they can help and if you ride in a van pool you can earn referral bonuses.

I think we should all take a couple small steps to ensure a comfortable future for generations to come. You never know, commuting may do more than just help the planet and reduce traffic. You may end up with time to read, bonding opportunities or an opportunity for added exercise depending on the method you choose. For more information about commuting visit  Clean Air or watch the short video.

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